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The courses include general management, skills and technology, services and trade, automobile and transportation, financial securities and finance.


Provide services for government, enterprises and educational institutions. Help improve the professional ability of the practitioner.

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America occupation education APEI (American professional to Edcation Institute)

American occupation education APEI (American professional to Edcation Institute) is aAmerican California Occupation Education Societies Benedit University USA Management Technology University, America Georgia Institute of technology, University of California Institute of technology, Illinois America University, California Polytechnic University, and enterprise occupation Union experts jointly founded the non-profit educational organization, isa the research and promotion of occupation education and certification of the globalization ofprofessional institutions. Learn to include general occupation qualification management,financial services, social class, occupation, mechanical construction technology and other aspects, training, evaluation, certification, involving the employment of professional research and implementation. The practicing qualification has been widely recognized by the government and the business community American.

Technical support

In America, APEI and manufacturing skill standards committee (MSSC), the national occupation ability test Institute (NOCTI), the National Center for education and Construction Research Institute (NCCER), Refrigeration Service Engineers Association (RSES), the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), the American Association of agricultural biotechnology, transportation Florida Agricultural Bureau Certification Association, electronic technician, CISCO, United Inn and Lodging Association Education Institute, the national automobile service company, International Information System Security Certification Association, the National Computer Maintenance Technology Research Institute, occupation force test of Florida growers and Landscape Association, landscaping research institute national occupation ability test has a good the cooperation, and its related technologies and standards support.